the loooong night…

The day began as a normal Saturday would.  Get up, grab a little breakfast, go for a nice looooong walk to the Biltmore.  A normal Saturday.

Then came two girls.  Two little girls that looked so very innocent.  This is where the Saturday took a different turn…..First was the meltdown…

Oh, this was a lengthy one.  NOTHING could keep this little child happy.  Not this….

Nor even this:

Could calm down a reeeeeally tired baby.  Then as suddenly as it started…it stopped.  (phew!)

Now it’s time for bed and we showered, put on our jammies and hopped up in Nani’s bed.  (where is Papi?  He’s hiding downstairs somewhere….) Oh, I’ll deal with him later….grr….

So once we crawl in bed and watch a little Nick at Night, it’s time for lights out.  Sofia falls asleep before my finger is off the Power button on the remote.  But the little gal?  She comes alive.

I was laying on my side with her to my back……first mistake.  People……her toes are “heat-seekers”.  And boy, does this little girl have aim.  I jumped up and then decided to face her…..another mistake.  She was about 2 inches from my face, in the dark, and decided to play, “where is your…”  Eyes were the first thing on the list, so her finger found my eyeball.  Then she whispered, very loudly, EYES.  I’m trying to pretend to be asleep while her fingers find my nose and mouth.  But when her deadly aim found the inside of my ear, I jumped again.

So, I whispered, “Shhh….let’s go to sleep”.  What a stupid statement.  She proceeded to try to pry my eyes open with her fingers while saying, “Hello?”  Which in her language is, “heh-wo”.  It was just too much.  I had to laugh.  Mistake number two.

Finally, what seemed like hours later, she fell asleep and in the morning I got the gift of a wet bed……..sigh…..

Little girls.  Too cute and too much energy………Nani needs a nap.

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