I’m where??


Have you ever awakened in the early morning and for a brief moment, struggled to figure out just where the heck you are?  No? Well…welcome to my world for a moment…

When you wake in Israel, it’s a little surreal.  First of all…YOU’RE IN ISRAEL!   Shut up!! How many people can you call and say casually, “Hey…yeah, I’m in Israel. You?”

And even MORE wierd is that you’re already on Day Three!  Eeek!  Let’s get started!  Today will be the Sea of Galilee, Bet Shean and the Jordan River.  It’s going to be a day chock full of information, so I hope you brought your notepad and your camera.

We will also visit Capernaum where Jesus met his first disciples – Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew, all fishermen who worked on the Sea of Galilee.

There are two parts of the remains of Capernaum:  the section belonging to the Franciscans, which was excavated in 1968-84, by the Italian gov’t and the Greek Orthodox site which was excavated in 1978-82 by the Israel Dept. of Antiquities.

Tabgha is the site of the Miracle of the Loves and Fishes (Luke 9:13).  I was nervous when we went to the “Church of the Multiplication” because of my fear of math.  As it turns out….it was quite beautiful!  AND there was no math involved at all!  So place your minds at ease, relax and enjoy the sites.

After baptisms at the Jordan River we will transfer to our hotel in Tiberias for dinner and sleep.  Go back to your room and go over your notes and read the passage of the loaves and fishes in Luke.  It really makes the scripture come alive and your walk will be on a whole different level.

Sleep well!  Tomorrow we’ll get more kicks in Jerusalem!  Check out www.medskeens.com for more info on the March 2010 trip!  It’s not too late to jump on board!!

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