crazy gurrrrl……..

I have been doing gallons of laundry and then had a little visitor, PJ.  Mom had a dr appt so Paloma  and I decided to take a little ride.

Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger, too) were keeping her in a manageable state as we drove to the Mothership….Nordstrom.

Once we were in Nordstrom…..I do believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that Miss Paloma James touched every single item on the first floor.  Suddenly she had the quickness of a ferret and her Nani was on high alert.  After the third minute of being there….we decided it was time to leave.  (phew!)

Once home, we thought it was a nice day to sit outside and have a snack.

What an innocent face.  Oh…..she’s good…..

string cheese

pretzels and apple juice.  By the way…’s word is “MINE!”  (MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!!!!!!)

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