a busy, busy day…

Am I ever tired!!!! We flew home and Delta decided to keep our luggage overnight….so we went home with no bags.  (Jimmy would say that he went home with one old bag…but we won’t go there).

I came home (after six weeks away) to soooo many bills!!!

But I have no time for that silliness….I have to get everything prepared for……(insert ominous music here)…….the girls.

The room is clean and ready….Spongebob is on…

Treats are assembled…

Let the games begin….  As excited as I was to see them….I got distracted by my childs FULL BEARD.  WHAT? He has suddenly become a lumberjack…..and I found that I love him with..or without hair.  So Uncle Bret came over for dinner and helped me with the girls for a bit.  I promised I would do his laundry if he stayed………..he’s such a good boy!

After a lovely meal of carbo loading (i.e. chicken spaghetti) they found themselves all tuckered out.  (and yes, I’m just certain that ‘tuckered’ is a word)…

So after tears and bribery…..Sofia is going to spend the night.  Tomorrow is a school day, but she is already excited about FRENCH TOAST FOR BREAKFAST!!

Who wouldn’t be???  Everyone loves carbs at Nani’s House!!!!


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  1. Love it! Just what I needed to make me smile!!


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