wanna make your skin tingle?

Make new friends, keep the old.  One is silver and the other is gold!!  That song was introduced to me when I entered Brownies.  It kept with me and proved itself when I went on the 2008 trip to Israel.  I met so many fantastic people and have stayed in touch with most of them!  (thank you, Facebook!)

People get fanatical when they meet celebrities.  They even go to Hollywood to stand in the famous footprints of stars at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre!  They bid on famous scripts to blockbuster movies so they can have the words of a legendary actor in their hands!


Friends, can you imagine standing in the famous footprints of our Lord Jesus?  Can you imagine holding the words (the holy bible) of the creator of the universe in your hands?  Forget the cement prints.  Forget the bright lights of tinsel town.  Go back to the beginning.  Walk the streets of Jerusalem where our Lord walked.  See the Garden of Gethsemane.  Luke 22:54-62 tells us that drops of blood fell from Jesus’ body as he prayed and obeyed His Father.  Once you step into the Garden of Gethsemane, a peaceful feeling comes over your body.  You find yourself wondering where he sat and prayed to God.  You can only begin to imagine his feelings when Judas and the soldiers came to arrest him.  Judas kisses Jesus and our Lord allowed the soldiers to take him away.


What about the tomb where they wrapped our Lord’s body and he lay for three days?  Listen to the story again, but this time it takes on a whole new dimension….why?  Because after you hear the story, you enter the tomb and feel your skin begin to tingle and tears come to your eyes.

I am thankful that tomb is empty.  For He is Risen!

NEXT, JORDAN RIVER AND THE DEAD SEA….(check out www.medskeens.com) It’s such a great trip…..I’m going again in March 2011.  I hope you are there!!

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