smoke, cows and maybe a chicken…

On the way to pick up Jimmy from the airport (on Friday) I had to turn around and go back up to the house.  It seems that when I set off the ‘bug bombs’….they were powerful and set off our fire/smoke alarms and the security company started getting hives.  They started calling everyone, except me, of course and our builder even notified!  So he calls me and says, “Sandi?  Is everything okay at your house?”  Well….as it turned out, I went back to the house and BOY O BOY!  When I set off bug bombs….THEY WORK!!  The house was a huge cloud of smoke!  Ooopsy!  Maybe six bombs were just five too many.

I picked up James, quite successfully from the airport, and without setting off any airport security alarms… and as we drove home….this was blocking our way…

not just two or three….but A HERD!!

They were everywhere!!  And THEN some of them got a little frisky……..if you know what I mean…….RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TRUCK!!  No!!  I did not get a picture of that, thank you very much.

Finally the herd starting to thin out and we were able to pass through.  I will say that it totally made my day!  (I’m pretty easy to please).

We made it back to the ranch and THE CATTLE GUARD IS WORKING!  Well, it’s been back filled and now we can drive on it!  Jimmy got a little dirty but I made sure that I stayed perfectly clean.

Oh, it’s a beaut!  I can’t wait to find out what our next project will be….. think I can convince Jimmy to build me a chicken coop????  (nah, me neither…..)

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