the big, busy day…

Another great day!!  Guess what finally arrived?  Give up?  You’re right!!  The cattle guard was dropped into place!  (kinda changes your day, doesn’t it?)

Oh, the excitement~  I’m still reeling….

That’s Clyde, my neighbor, inspecting everything and making sure I don’t fall in… could happen, you know…

Uh oh….are you sensing a problem, readers?  You’re right again…..Mr. Baker (maker of all things welded…like the cattle guard) has run out of gas….(not physically, but literally…..this man could go for days!  He and his wife, Mariam, have been married for 65 years!!!  SIXTY FIVE YEARS, PEOPLE!!!  It made Jimmy cry……not in a sentimental way, though…..(sigh)….

I had to take their picture as they walked away, because they are so cute.  They do everything together.

Where’s my other best friend, Rea????  My neighborly neighbor was up at her house, whooping (new word) up some candy!  Some buttery, caramel-y, filled with goodness-y, goodness……AND she brought it all the way up to the house and left it on the porch.  I’ve almost eaten the whole pan!!  (But I have to cut it first and wrap it up in wax paper like the cute little candies that they are!!)

That is the picture of the goodness PRIOR to my diving in head first …

So today ended with a WONDERFUL visit from the Friendship Baptist Church, pastor and his wife!  (thank you, Pastor Sprecher and Pam!) How super was it that they drove alllll the way up here to see me?  I bored them with my life history….they dozed off about when I was ‘entering the third grade’….then I woke them up around ‘this afternoon’s trip to the market’…  haha!  Honestly, we had a verrrry nice visit and I am anticipating church on Sunday!!  BUT FIRST!!!  Tomorrow night is bible study/quilting at a church members house!  (shh….I’m going to take my camera….)

So, now I’m off to sleep……happy that my hubby is coming in on the 10:54 train………actually it’s a plane, but train sounds more romantic.  Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!



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2 responses to “the big, busy day…

  1. Peggy Stewart

    I will sleep like a baby now that the cattle guard is in place. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee


  2. I’m glad that I could be of help. Sleep well, my friend.


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