the activity…

So much activity in and around the ranch!!  First of all, there is a cattle guard going in the entrance to keep these guys OUT!

Or…IN….wherever they happen to be at the time….

So the entrance is blocked…

which means I need an alternate route….a bumpy route, that is….

but that is fine with me….just a little out of my way…

BUT here is something funny…..or sad, whichever way you look at it.  I drove into our nearby town to the grocery store and saw something so unusual….and hysterical at the same time.  It’s the local bar….now that isn’t funny.  But the fact that the entire front of the bar is under construction AND the chairs and tables and BOTTLES have never been moved AND the fact that someone was inside sitting at the bar drinking WAS INDEED FUNNY!! He must have been very thirsty!

That is the side of the bar.  Here is the front…

What is difficult to see…is the man sitting at the bar.  Not one table has been moved.  Not one chair has been moved. The napkin holders and salt and pepper shakers are still in the middle of each table.  The bar is ….open…for business.  Yes, it is….

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