waiting for rain!

Woke up this morning to storm clouds!!  HURRY UP AND RAIN ALREADY!!!

After waiting until about 3pm….it finally came down!  Perfect nap weather….OR…..

perfect time to go outside!!

So the good big brother takes little sister outside to check out the ranch.

Didn’t take too long until she was back in “her” environment….. Disney channel on in the background…and her asleep in my bed at 5:00pm.  WHAT A TOUGH DAY!!!!

Later we went for a ride in the Nat’l Forest and WE BROKE DOWN!!  And me with NO camera!!!  We had to call our most favorite neighbors in the whole world (hello, Clyde and Rea!) and they SAVED THE DAY!!!

Our flat tire was taken to the hospital to be repaired and we made it safely home.  NOTE TO SELF:  TAKE CAMERA EVERYWHERE!!!

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