the fight…

Today is the beginning of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I know many friends right now that are going through cancer treatments but one friend in particular, Shannon, is learning to fight like a girl.

She has undergone chemotherapy, double mastectomy, hysterectomy, and reconstructive surgery…..PHEW!!  I am so very naive when it comes to all of the treatments and medicines and just cannot imagine her world.  All I have known to do is to pray.  And pray, I do.

Cancer is ugly.  It’s mean and it just won’t go away.

Ladies, please get your mammograms!  Stay up on all the new research and lets learn TO FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

Good websites:     (this is the best website for t-shirts!  I like “my oncologist is my bff”


2 thoughts on “the fight…

  1. Millie Haggard

    September 14, 2000 was the day my friend, Rehnea, finished her battle with breast cancer. God in His graciousness took her home.

    I promised to stay by her bedside when she was too ill to take care of herself and I did. I was also her Medical Power of Attorney. We had discussed when the blood transfusions would be stopped-prolonging the inevitable-and I was the one who told her chemo Dr. it was time.

    The last two weeks of her life were amazing. She wasn’t very aware of stuff but in her silence God showed me things I had only heard of. I knew when the Angels arrived in her hospice room because they hit the door and frightened me. She was kissing those who came to wait by her side until the miraculous body God had made finally shut down. Although “comatose” she could talk with her eyes and tell me things that “hurt”.

    The most miraculous thing of all was when she puckered up her lips and said “Michael”. I had never heard of Michael but then there are some people I don’t know.

    There is a veil that separates us and the spiritual. When one is dying that veil is open so one’s spirit knows t hey are finally headed home. I have never seen a Christian die fearfully. There is such peace…

    When Rehnea died it was my job to go through her stuff. She had no earthly family and all that was Rehnea was in a few large garbage bags. I mostly threw stuff away because it was the right thing to do. I pondered “is this all that is left” when one dies? As I picked up the last bag to toss it there was a little 2×3 picture of a little boy. He sat perfectly on the edge of whatever and with one leg under him and the other dangling someone snapped the lens and took the picture. Not knowing what it was doing there i flipped it over to read “My Sweet Michael”.

    Apparently Michael was her little brother who died very young. We had never talked about him but my friend and Rehnea had. I think Rehnea felt guilty that it was Michael and not her that had gone home. Family dynamics, her mom always missed Michael so much.

    I know your post is about October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Rehnea wanted to live until that October so she could be pushed in her wheelchair during the race.


  2. Millie, that is so very sweet. I also watched Clay’s eyes open wide and look upwards (he was blind) and then he breathed his last. It was the sweetest and also the strangest thing I had ever experienced.
    I am glad that you were there for her….she remembers! AND the best part is that you will see her again!


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