What a big day it was yesterday!  I’m exhausted!!  Yesterday was Drivers License Day.  Yes, that’s right!!  I had to drive to Soda Springs (love that name..makes me thirsty) to get a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW IDAHO DRIVERS LICENSE!!  Woo Hoo!!!

First, I had to drive for days……

Actually for 54 miles.  But when you are driving by yourself and have no one to talk/sing/chat/laugh/whistle to….then it can drive you a little crazy.  Who took these pictures?  Umm……I can’t remember.  Ok.  Next…

Ok, these are cows on the side of the road just waiting for you to drive by so they could jump out at you. But I was SOO READY for them!  I read all about it while checking out the rules for the road. It’s called Open Range and the cow always wins. It’s how they do their thing.

So, I think I passed 2 cars along the way.  Funny, but I was the only person driving INTO Soda Springs….everyone I saw was LEAVING.  Once I got into town, I had very difficult directions.  Turn left at light and look for american flag.  And here I was…

EEEEK!!!  Do you see that??  It says, JAIL!!  I felt so very dangerous walking inside.  Down the hall there was a bathroom, but I was afraid it was for criminals…so I held it.

The first door said, DRIVERS LICENSE and I was a little skeptical about going inside, but then I was just sure that there were lots of security cameras watching me so I tried my best to look confident and strolled on in.

I filled out the application with, Betty, at least I think that is her name….and she proved to be quite delightful.  Finally, after filling out several forms, surrendering my AZ DL  and paying a huge $3.00 fee, I had to take a KNOWLEDGE test!!!!  Double EEEK!!!  I hate tests!!!  Couldn’t I just promise not to screw up?

I asked, Betty, if I could just tell her what I shouldn’t be doing while driving.  Like, using mascara for instance or driving on the sidewalk.  Betty was indeed amused, but said that I must take the test. Betty rules.

Forty questions later……WOO HOO!  I PASSED!!!  (And by the way, “if a funeral procession drives past you shouldn’t….(a) honk and join in”)  I just wanted you to know that I passed that question.  Doesn’t mean I don’t do it….but I answered correctly.

After the grilling exam, I got my license….

ISN’T IT WONDERFUL??  The blue background was indeed, quite flattering and my lipstick proved to be a perfect pop of color.  (I blocked out my address and DL number so a crime can’t be pinned on me).

Where were we?  OH!  After I got my license I realized I had about $60 still burning a hole in my pocket so I got an application for a concealed weapons permit for Idaho.  Got one for AZ.  Getting one for ID.  I’m just hoping that I need one for Wyoming too!  Then I’ll have three really cool cards for my wallet.

So then I was fingerprinted by a very nice police officer but no strip search.  I even volunteered, but they said, no.  After he dirtied up my digits,  I asked the officer if he had some complimentary baby wipes to wash my fingers and he said, “Here, ma’am…I’ll escort you to the bathroom.”  HA!  So, he opened the door to the criminal bathroom (which I found out, isn’t really a criminal bathroom, but it sounds better) and he stayed in the doorway while I washed my hands….talking to me.  I thought it was funny….of course, now it sounds really wierd.

So….I had the long drive home….

It was such an exciting day and now I have to sit back and reflect…I’m a real country girl now.  It’s official.

I’ve got another full day ahead of me tomorrow too!  I have to wash the sheets and go to the grocery store!  PHEW!!!  I better get some rest!!!

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