oh, the day to day….

Well, I dropped off Jimmy at the airport so he could hurry back to Phoenix and make some more money FAST!  He has to stay on his toes, since one of my spiritual gifts is shopping.  Wait….

Anywho…after slowing down to let him out of the truck (by the way, he’ll be fine…it’s just a scrape) I sped away into the Jackson Hole town square to see what I NEED.

Found these guys and just had to have them!!

Note to self: picture is crooked…

Then I found these two cuties and hung them over the toilet in the upstairs bath!

I love my little piggies!!  Then while I was upstairs, I decided to take a couple of pics of the rooms.  The first one is hoping a little 2 year old will come and sleep here…caged, of course…

Then I took a picture of our little loft area (where I watch the occasional movie).  I love my lipstick red recliners!

The other bedroom upstairs can hold more guests and I just got too bored to take it’s picture.  But it is perfect, so don’t worry.  While I was upstairs taking pics, I looked down into the den and loved how it looked so I snapped a pic of that too!

Well, I couldn’t leave out the dining room, could I?  So here it is..

Ok, that about does it!  I took you on a tour and even took you in the upstairs bath with me!  But now….here’s the question….if Jimmy is gone….who do I sleep with?

Hmm….maybe all three?  I’ll let you know……OH….if you’re in the area..you might want to call first……just sayin’…….



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3 responses to “oh, the day to day….

  1. Millie Haggard

    True Story:
    Right after I moved up here, and Doc had me on 17 different meds, I was at home, alone, watching TV. I began to hallucinate-at least that is what they told me.

    Before the dogs moved up here a mountain lion had his :rounds”. These rounds included, in order of round (?) were: jump my back fence and check things our, go into my neighbor’s yard and sharpen his massive claws on tree, jump back over fence and “swayed” across my front yard before jumping fence to other neighbor’s yard.

    Took pics of tracks and neighbor did plaster case (you’d thing we found Bigfoot, but that’s a whole different saga).

    One night, as I was supposedly hallucinating my dog alerted to something outside. Bear wasn’t barking but growling, which does make a differende. He walked, inside the house, my little (100 lb.) cougars path within the house. I closed everything up, retreived my .357 revolver, sat down and called my useless sister. She called a local Forest Service couple to come and comfort me. Luckily they called me first…I told her I would have shot her had I heard her steps on the porch, which I would have.

    She and her husband yelled from the porch, It’s Gail & Richard! I really wanted to shoot someone but…anyhow, they came and tried to find a place to sit. (Don’s STUFF was on EVERY FLAT surface in the house.) They stayed and told me it was probably all of the meds, which made me want to shoot them even more. Stayed a little while and left when Don came home because, Millie doesn’t scare! Well, my hallucinations obviously did scare and alerted my Belgian Tervuren that only “alerts” when someone/something is scoping out the house. If anyone “touches, blows on the window, tries the door, he goes into attack mode. So, obviously being in my LSD state only hallucinated someone/thing, well you know.

    Must tell you that the next day there were tracks all over the place…

    My friend, Gail, never passes up the chance to warn anyone who wants to come over to call first. That is, if they want to live.

    So, sleep with the .9mm (just a guess) so if you get up to sit in your chair it won’t get in your way and rests nicely on your legs.

    .I love your house! Reminds me of some pictures I saw once.


  2. OK, when can we come visit?? Seriously, it is wonderful and decorated so pretty! Good job!


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