workin’ day….

Whooo!!!  What a busy day!  I woke up and made us a HUGE breakfast BEFORE we went out for “chores”.  We had gone to the Farmer’s Market in Thayne, WY and gotten some FRESH eggs!  And Yes!  As a matter of fact it was the first time I have had FRESH eggs!  They were delish!

So we backed up the truck to the water wagon and went to fill it with water to give our trees around the house a little drink.

Once we got that little project underway, I decided that I needed to don my ranch gloves, my ranch boots and my ranch hat.  So, I basically had to start over because I had on the wrong wardrobe.

Once we corrected THAT problem, I was ready to work.

We drove down to the barn at the little cabin, and my keen eye noticed that it was locked… style…

Who needs padlocks?  We use a piece of an electric cord….way better.  Once inside the barn (which by the way, isn’t really ours) I found something a little disturbing.

Hmm….A noose.  Does this keep us away?  No!  We hung around for a little while, then went back up to the house to start on a little landscaping.  Ok, yes, I’m mostly taking pictures and pointing but Jimmy did a bang up job for me.  My little stone statue of the mama and baby are neatly tucked away under the trees.

Once (he) finished this little project, I saw the REAL reason that I wanted to help…

“OH PLEEEEEEEEEASSEEEEE!!!  Can I use it, Jimmy, Can I?  Can I?  Can I? Can I?”

Once I physically and mentally exhausted him he said, “Ok.”  And it wasn’t a definite “ok”, it was a “maybe-she-will-forget-about-it ok”


Once I started waving it around (while it was running) he instantly regretted his decision.  BUT, he agreed to be the camera holder and I agreed not to cut off anyones arms or legs.

I must say, I’m a natural at chain-sawwin’.  I chain-sawwed sooo many things!!  I was exhausted!

Ok….so maybe I didn’t do all that.

But I did chop THREE!!  Then as soon as the fun began, it was over.

See the dangling chain?….I broke it.

Hmmpff.  Women.  Can’t live with ’em, can’t kill ’em.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me at dinner because we went with our VERY favorite neighbors in ALL OF GROUSE CREEK!!!!  Ok, so they are the only neighbors that like us (me)…..

Anywhoo..we went to Dad’s Steakhouse in Thayne and had a fabulous dinner.  Then on the way home their were cows!  In the road!

Ok, city-folk……cows in the road are not good.  So we pulled over and being the neighborly neighbors that we are….we WRANGLED them back into their pasture!  Yes!  WRANGLED!  That is, if WRANGLED means honk, wave and chase.  So maybe I’m a little tired now…….although I did just think of a funny joke.

What did Rancher Sandi tell the cows in the road???????   IT’S PASTURE BEDTIME!!!!   hahahahahahaha!

6 thoughts on “workin’ day….

  1. Peggy Stewart

    OK Now I am definetely coming to the ranch next year. I have always wanted to use a chain saw and ALWAYS wanted a fresh egg. You can’t keep me away. Going to be a great day. I predict it.
    Love Peggy


  2. U KNOW I HAVE MY OWN CHAINSAW!! Gurrl, I am SO there and we will be Paula Bunyans together and get our chainsawin’ ON! And when we are finished, we will write witty articles for publication and become as famous as we are fabulous 🙂

    (Ok, STOP laughing at that last line — I can dream, can’t I?)


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