a new mystery…

Aaaahh…..fall is sneaking in.  The air is cool and we decided that it would be nice to drive around and get some pictures of the leaves slowly changing colors.

We’re driving along in the John Deere ‘gator’ and having a great time…then we stumble upon this.  Now, before you see this, understand that we’re on 500 acres….and we have one neighbor….

What the heck?  A shoe!!  The last time we checked, our neighbors had their shoes….so…..whose shoe is this?  I asked Jimmy if he had a dollar bill because I am just sure that if CSI: Idaho were here, there would be crime tape and a dollar bill placed by the shoe to determine the size.  So the mystery of the shoe begins.

However, once we got about twenty feet away, I forgot all about the shoe beause  I saw all my friends!  Chuck, T-Bone, Sir Loin and The Burg, all waiting for me to let them in the gate.

Don’t worry….they’ll be fine.

So after a day of doing nothing but taking pictures, solving mysteries and starting a new quilt……I’m kinda tired!  But have you noticed that I stumble on a LOT of mysteries?  Baby?  Jack’s head in the Baptist parking lot?  The curious shoe?

There’s a lot going on here in Freedom that I’m not privy to……But I leave you with this mystery….. how does her hair get so wild?

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