my scare…

What a day at Disneyland!  My body aches from walking/carrying/lifting/carrying/pushing/carrying….I think you get the picture….

We rode rides, we ate giant pickles and we bought  junk that will wind up in the bottom of a closet somewhere.  I think my workout was completed today by the elevation of my heart beats…

We lost Sofia.

What turned out was only mere minutes, felt like a lifetime.  There were 14 in our party, celebrating Alicia’s (Jimmy’s little sister) birthday.  And when we turned around, for only a moment….she was gone.

Time froze.  I thought I would honestly pass out.  We were caught up in a crowd of people trying to be the first in line to each ride and every little one with mouse ears began to look the same.  That is, until you lose your own child/grandchild and then it seems, you can’t even find your own breath .

Jimmy, Erin, Becky, Chris and I all took off in different directions, each one of us screaming her name.  I went in the totally opposite direction and cried out to the heavens, PLEASE DEAR JESUS, LET ME FIND SOFIA!  I immediately began to cry and honestly I have never felt such fear.

Then far away in the distance she stood.  Turning in a small circle, crying and calling out.  I ran faster than I ever thought that I could, pushing people out of my way, so afraid that someone was going to to take her from us, then I  scooped her up in my arms and through my own tears said, “Nani called out to Jesus and He showed me where you were”.  By the time I got back over to where we started, I was sobbing.

Since losing my own son, everyday with these little grandbabies is like a gift from God.  I praise Him for letting us find one little girl in a sea of little children, all wearing mouse ears and enjoying the ‘happiest place on earth’.

The happiest place on earth could have turned into one of the scariest.  But God was there.  He went to Disneyland with us and never once took His eyes off of her.

And where is she right now???  We are back at the hotel, clean and tired.  And yes, she is sleeping with Nani tonight.  Papi will have to sneak into bed later….she told him he had to sleep on the beach……


4 thoughts on “my scare…

  1. Oh my gosh – how scary!! Scott got turned around and lost sight of us at Disneyworld when he was about 10. There is nothing that compares to the panicked feeling.

    I’m glad that all is well and she’s snuggling with Nani. Tell papi that the beach doesn’t have pillows so he’ll need to remember his 😉


  2. Cheri

    Many prayers of thanks and praise were said today I’m sure! What an awful, awful experience. I’m sure EVERYONE will remember Alicia’s 40th birthday at Disneyland!!!


  3. Peggy Stewart

    IN 1964 A shopping mall opened in Tuscon. It was SouthGate at South 6th Ave and Benson Highway.
    (Jimmy may remember the mall.) A mall opening was a BIG thing in Tucson with a band, balloons, hot dogs and icecream. Friends and I gathered up the kids and away we went. It was just a crush of people on a warm Saturday morning. We were there 5 minutes when Lori disappeared. She was 3 &1/2 and could actually vanish right before your eyes. Like you, we went in all directions screaming her name. Sandi I can still feel the fear and dread to this day. We found her in minutes. Your experience brought it back to me like it was yesterday. God Bless our Savior who watches us every minute and keeps us safely in his arms. Thanks for the memory. Now I’m going to call Lori and tell her how much I love her. Peggy


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