my angry letters…

Ok…you’re going to have to excuse me for a moment while I compose some letters to some PEOPLE that I believe….well, let’s just say that they are acting ridiculous and I need to vent….

Dear Dalai Lama,

Seriously?  What the heck?  You’re giving $50,ooo to a University of Wisconsin  to “study the science behind kindness and compassion”??  That is just ludicrous!  Have you even READ the Bible?  I’m sorry…but science? You’re kind of an odd man, huh?  I read that you DO believe that abortion is wrong….wait….you say it’s okay IF (and I quote) “the baby is retarded or could cause a problem for the parents”.  Please….  I want to smack you.

(taken from: FoxNews)

Dear Pastor Terry Jones:

Seriously?  You want to burn the Koran?  And you want everyone else to do that also?  Are you crazy?  What are you thinking?  That’s not going to help anyone and I would totally slap you if my son were still over in Iraq.  But here’s the deal…..a LOT of our boys/girls are still in Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries all over the world and YOU are going to incite a TON of violence against THEM!  So, because of that….I want to smack you… least to the middle of next week.

(taken from:


Dear Ms. Simpson:

Seriously?  Ok, while I applaud your desire to set a goal……honestly?  You (and I quote) “have your heart set on reaching your goal weight of 1000lbs in two years?”  Sooo… are actually TRYING to be bigger.  Here is a cute quote from you: “I’d love to be 1000lb … it might be hard though, running after my daughter keeps my weight down,” Ms Simpson told the Daily Mail.  Darn kids!!!



OK…..I’ve vented.  Now I will sit back and close my eyes and imagine myself in a verrrrry happy place……..

I’ll be there on friday…………hopefully it hasn’t changed…too much…

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