So I’m trying to figure out who will go to the Senior Home first…me…..or my husband.  I think I could possibly be responsible for giving my wonderful spouse an aneurysm.  First you have to understand that my Jimmy is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  He owns a plumbing/mechanical business and is on different job sites all day long. They say, ‘yes’ and they say, ‘no’.  No questions, no frill.  These are guys that use OUTDOOR POTTY’S.  (eeww)… anyway let’s just say that the ‘peeps’ on the job site don’t have an enlarged vocabulary and they are ok with that!!

So when he called me the other day for a quick little conversation, I believe I brought him to the beginning of number two of the Stroke Warning Signs…..which is “sudden confusion or understanding”.

He called me from his cell, on a very loud job site, and said, “Hey.  How’s it going?”  Now, let me interrupt here and say that it really didn’t matter what my answer was because this was the obligatory call of the day.  Sooo….I said, “Oh, it’s going swimmingly!”  He pauses and says, “What?”  I say, “Swimmingly!”  “You’re where?  You’re swimming?”  This little conversation went round and round and kept me giggling during the entire dialog.  Finally, he just says, “Well….ok…..that’s good….love you”…  CLICK.

Or another time that I had him at symptom number five which is “sudden onset of headache with no apparent cause“……..I called him to ask him if I should go running…but it’s the way I asked him that paralyzed half of his brain.

“Hi, babe.  I’m thinking about going running.  What say thee?”


“What say thee?”

“Um, what did I say?  I didn’t say anything.  I don’t understand what you are saying!”

HAHA!! I could go on and on about THAT conversation but it scares me when I think of the ending…….(just kidding!)   Oh, I do love messin’ with the man.  I also loved the times that I worked for him (answering the phones) and would transfer them into my cell.  This way I could go to Dillards and try on clothes.  Why would I waste my time sitting in an office when I could be multi-tasking?  It’s so very simple, people.

One day I interrupted him in a meeting to tell him that I was in the store and was looking at some dresses on a rounder (round rack, men…) and there was a BAT stuck on one of the dresses!!!  Imagine my surprise!!  Now, imagine HIS surprise when I called him out of a meeting to tell him about it!!  And my voice was so high pitched and excited that he had to make sure that the bat hadn’t BITTEN me, which meant he had to listen to the whole story!!!  Oh it was a WONDERFUL day!!  At least in my world.

So…..hmm….who will go to the senior care center first?  It’s a really big question that keeps me up at night….which obviously keeps him up at night….(hey, we should do EVERYthing together)…and that’s why I love that man.  He lets me rattle on all day and nods and smiles occasionally.

But I do still love the E*Trade Babies….for a quick laugh!!

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