how to be a jesus freak…

I will make a difference. Jesus, I thank you that You suffered and died for me on the

cross to pay for my sins.

Father, I thank You that You raised Jesus from the dead to be my living Lord and Savior.

Holy Spirit, I thank you that You will lead me to do the right thing and change my world.

Today, Lord, I want to make you a promise. I will not be ashamed of Your name or Your

Gospel. I will do what I can for those who are persecuted and pray for them.

I will look enemies in the eye and love them with Your love. I will pray for them and love

them—no matter the consequences.

I will follow Your voice wherever You lead me, unafraid, for I know You will be with me.

If I should stumble, if I fall, if I should deny Your name, if I should feel guilty that I did not

pray or forgot to do something You’ve asked me not to do, I will not quit. I will not wallow

in guilt. I will turn back to You, confess my sin, and do what You called me to do,

because that is why You died for me.

I will stand with You and my brothers and sisters around the world, because no matter

what happens, no matter what I face or how it looks, in the end, we will be victorious—

we will inherit eternity and heaven with You.

I can do nothing else, because …I am a Jesus Freak.  ~ DC Talk

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