eat, pray, love..?..

I went to see this movie yesterday with my friend, Glenda.  I hadn’t heard anyone talk about it but we did hear that there was a lot of good food involved….so I was in.

Here’s my problem.  I went into the theater with the mindset of being entertained.  C’mon.  Everyone likes Julia Roberts and who doesn’t love to see good food?  But once the movie started rolling, I found myself deeply saddened.

First we find out that Liz (Julia) is married….but really doesn’t want to play that game anymore.  She is more interested in finding out ‘who she is’.  I thought she was a writer and a wife and had a very blessed life?  No.  I was wrong.  She is selfish and many times childish.  She leaves her husband and soon has an affair with a younger man.  They move in together but she decides that she still doesn’t know who she is and must take a grand journey to find out just where she belongs.

First she goes to Rome.  Now this is where I enjoyed watching her eat.  Oh, the food looked delicious!  In fact, last night I made the entire family a huge spaghetti dinner!  So that is my positive review of the movie….GOOD FOOD.  She tells her friend that is concerned with gaining weight to embrace life and not worry about the extra pounds, in fact she tells her that they will go buy bigger jeans!

In India, she mindlessly begins chanting at a Hindu temple where they meditate and serve idols.  (Hey, christians….see a problem here?)  They talk about God, but more as a Higher power and not the God of the Bible.

Finally she ends up in Bali where she lets a medicine man read her palm and he tells her to find God and balance.  BUT, he tells her that too much God or too much self will make her off balanced.  Too much God?  Wow.

Don’t get me wrong…..Julia Roberts is gorgeous in the movie and the scenery is fabulous.  The theme, however, of it’s false spiritual message is way off the mark.  All paths do not lead to God. Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No one comes to the Father, except through me”.  John 14:6.  I didn’t say it.  God said it, so I believe it.  The film says that God is in ALL of us and relays that He doesn’t care what we do.  That is not true!  He cares so much that His Son died on the cross FOR us!!

I find it silly that her character had to travel thousands of miles to find wisdom.  In Proverbs 3:5,6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.”  All she needed was a Bible.  She could have checked into the hotel near the airport and gotten a Gideon’s Bible before the flight left!  Think of the money she would have saved!!  And how did she get all those great clothes in that little bag?  I would’ve had to have TRUNKS and of course, people to haul them!

If you go to the movie…try to enjoy the food and scenery.  But dear children, don’t do as she does…… as HE does…………..

One thought on “eat, pray, love..?..

  1. Wow, that’s sad but typical of what’s coming out of Hollywood. Self Self Self, Indulge Indulge Indulge, Seek Seek Seek… no, not seek – WANDER.

    Sheesh, it’s not that HARD. Won’t people be surprised one day??


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