Boy, is it good to get home!!!  Yes, I had a blast and truly enjoyed hanging with the fam, but isn’t it always good to get in your own bed?  Yesssss………

Well, it’s true….Maine is gorgeous.  Our condo was on the harbor and we watched the beautiful boats sail by all day long!

I’ve decided that it would be a wonderful idea to acquire a boat.  There’s only one (6) problem(s) with that.  I need people.  Noo, not friends.  Staff.  I’m not much of a …. do-er.  I’m more of a …watch-er.  I don’t want to continually ask my mateys if my hair has grown in the wind.  I don’t want to swab decks, nor do I want to hoist things….It would be kinda fun to be a pirate…but I am a little scared of parrots.  And I definitely wouldn’t be able to wear my bevy of shoes.

The town is way to cute for words.  I located every shop there.  I did not let one get by me…..except the ‘doll’ store.  I was afraid it would creep me out with their huge inventory of dolls staring at me.  I don’t like to be judged…so I stayed away.

This was a little bakery that my sister and husband were going into.  I believe the purchase was peanut butter cookies.  And yes.  They were the best peanut butter cookies EVER.

We went sailing one day and this is my sister, Cheri and her gorgeous man-child, Blake.  I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t purchase “deck” shoes prior to the sail.  Funny, Jimmy wasn’t disappointed.  Hmm…

I’m not sure why I don’t have positive proof of me being on board.  You just have to imagine how lovely I am behind the camera.

You’ve already heard of my kayak trip around the harbor, it was treacherous but I managed to keep my wits about me and survive.  Ok….it wasn’t even really windy, but there COULD HAVE been something lurking in the sea that could snatched me up like Jonah and the whale!

So this is what I was thinking about when I said I would like a boat.  This fine craft had people.  Staff.  Worker bees.  Everytime I would point at it and say, “Now, I like THAT boat!”, my nephew would remind me that it’s not a boat…it’s a yacht! So, tomato- tomahto…it floats and it would fit like a glove.

I’ll show some more pics tomorrow.  I’m going to go eat some limes so I don’t get scurvy……..arg……



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3 responses to “phew!!

  1. Q. What is a pirate’s favorite restaurant?
    A. Olive Garrrrrrrrrden

    Q. Where does a pirate buy his clothes?
    A. At a yarrrrrrrd sale

    And one last one for you:
    Q. Who is a pirate’s favorite designer?
    A. Arrrrrrrrmani

    Stop groaning. You started it.


  2. Did you actually google pirate?? HAHA!! I should make ye walk da plank!!


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