the fantastic voyage..

Well! I survived the seven mile kayak trip! There were two other people that had signed up and I asked them if they were killers, and they said, ‘no’.. so I grabbed my life jacket and we were off!

Our guide, Trevor, was about six feet tall with long dread-locks (I don’t know if that is spelled right, but I ‘dreaded’ smelling that in a downwind, so that is how I spell it).
He was an excellent guide and gave us all kinds of instructions before we started out. First he showed us how to hold the paddles correctly, which I silently laughed at, confident that I already knew how, until I accidently smacked Larry…which was Joan’s husband…in the leg. So I decided to listen a little more closely…

Next he had us sit down in the kayak to properly adjust the foot pedals. This meant that he had to reach through the little hole where my hips were wedged (BTW..did that kayak make me look fat?) anywho..our guide, Trevor has his arm inside the boat BETWIXT my legs grabbing my foot and placing it on the pedal. This would have been a lot easier if he had just said, ‘put your foot in the pedal, lady’…but he didn’t and I offered up no help of my own. C’mon…he’s the professional here. 😉

Next we had to climb out and put on, what the local kayakers call, the skirt. This keeps the water from splashing inside the little hole where my hips are wedged (note to self: do more cardio) and keeping my body dry. It wasn’t really my color palette, but I didn’t have any other choices, so I am now wearing this heavy canvas ‘skirt’ and still have to put on the life-jacket. Once the life-jacket was zipped, I thought to myself that this wasn’t too bad. Then, Trevor the guide said that I had not cinched all SIX straps…apparently I was thinking about my decision on bringing a day old egg salad sandwich when he was giving out life-jacket instructions. So now I’m cinched so very tight in my skirt and jacket and he proceeds to tell us that we can use the restroom next to the big rock…this would have been a great idea, if I could even walk. So, no potty for me.

We headed out in the water for our voyage at sea, and I was quite impressed with myself. There was definite gliding, people. I was paddling, using the pedals and moving right along when I glanced back and noticed that I was ‘gliding’ in the wrong direction. He should have never told me to travel in a southwesterly pattern. I got back with Larry and Joan, who by the way are big, fat cheaters, because there are TWO people paddling and I had to rely on my ferret like instincts, in case of an emergency…and I have proven to myself in the past to not be very reliable.

We got to Curtis Island to have lunch by the old, abandoned lighthouse. This is where Trevor the guide told us that he was going into the Peace Corps. I knew he was ‘edgy and dangerous’ because he was drinking a Mountain Dew. And, yes, I have seen those kids on that commercial and know what I’m talking about. Of course, I also broke away from tradition this morning by eating yogurt and granola…so…I’m kinda hip, too.

We put all our gear back on and fought the current back to the harbor…or as Sofia would say, ‘hah-bah’. All in all, it was a fantastic voyage at sea and would recommend it to anyone. My only advice is…if the guide needs to ‘adjust the pedals’…well…you be the judge…..

One thought on “the fantastic voyage..

  1. I thought you were on a river! You are one of the bravest women I know to go out onto the ocean. Well, not that brave. Anyhow, happy you are safe. Susan told me this morning that you thought of me…


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