the daily grind…

Hello, my friends! I figured that I should update you on my activities since you are DYING for information..(I feel it in my bones)

So today I woke up, snagged a cup of coffee, grabbed my dad by the shirt collar and went for a 3 mile walk. Ok, part of that is a teeny bit embellished. I had to WORK to keep up with my dad! He is (blank) years old!! Hint: rhymes with schmeighty….

I actually found a way to ‘cheat’ walking….I would ask him a question at the bottom of a hill and he would have to answer it on the way up….this way I could catch my breath. Sure, he would struggle, but I’m the baby, so I am just 86% positive that he would only want it like this.

After his delightful walk with his princess…we came back to the house to clean up and do a little shopping. I didn’t really find anything, since everything in the stores hadn’t changed since I shopped yesterday, but you ladies out there will be happy to learn that I got two pairs of shoes. Why two, you ask? Because I couldn’t find three.

Tomorrow will be a doozy, since I signed up for a 4 1/2 hour kayak tour. Yes, I am going by myself and the guide already hates me. He just called to see if I could re-schedule for the 20th. I told him, no….and there was a definite ‘sigh’ on the other end of the phone. So I am already causing problems and will probably be overturned in the water….silly kayak people…

So I am sure that there will be a story tomorrow…so…don’t touch that dial! 🙂



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3 responses to “the daily grind…

  1. Let me get this straight… you are going
    in a KAYAK…
    into the WILDERNESS…
    with a guide who is less-than-thrilled with you…

    This sounds like the beginning of an episode of “Without A Trace”
    or CSI Camden…
    Just sayin’


  2. I completely agree with Susan.


  3. Iam sure that I won’t be the only one OAR maybe not…. 🙂
    I will be double, triple careful and knife him if he gets wierd..Med knows that I’m always packin’ heat…even in Israel.


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