chocolates and sailboats…

Today we were out on the balcony, overlooking the Camden Bay. The sailboats and yachts were gliding by so quietly and it was such a peaceful moment. I could sit there all day watching these beautiful boats pass, but it seems that time is passing by also…so my sister and nephew packed up to get back to their lives in Texas. My husband leaves tomorrow and I will be left here with my parents for another wonderful week.

My mother came out to sit with us, carrying a little piece of chocolate. Inside the wrapper was a note that said, “You can’t control the storms of life..but you can adjust your sails”. Now how perfect was that? Everyday we come out to the balcony to sit and drink our coffee, and while we are relaxing..someone is adjusting their sails to their own private storm. A friend with an unexpected illness, another friend with cancer and a broken shoulder…But yet, we adjust our sails and keep moving forward.

Where will the wind take us? We don’t know, but we remain faithful. We plant our feet firmly on the Rock and cast our cares on Him.

I am praying. Know that your troubles are for just a season. Set your sails and trust in the maker of the wind…He will guide you safely to shore.



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2 responses to “chocolates and sailboats…

  1. Peggy Stewart

    Thank you Sandi, Today I will adjust my sails and God will get us thru this.


  2. I learned a few years back that God is ALWAYS in control. The really neat thing about that is He uses what we think is bad for our own good. You just can’t beat that!


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