batteries required…

Mercy! I’m lost without an internet connection! Welcome to the age of electronics…what happened to pencils and paper? Just how did we survive without a cell phone strapped to our hips? Did we tweet before Twitter? Would we stay in touch if we didn’t have Facebook? Well…maybe not.

But I will say that it is always nice to have a break from anything that requires a plug or a battery. And it is equally pleasant to read a book with real pages, instead from the glare of a computer screen, or Kindle.

Yesterday I went sailing around the bay in Maine. No phone, no television, no computer and guess what? It was fun! We talked, we laughed and and by golly, we sailed. We came back to the condo and what was the first thing we did? We checked our cells for any missed calls…then checked Facebook to see what everyone was doing..and then played a computerized version of Solitaire on the computer…

Sigh….welcome to the age of electronics…..


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