who is God?

Who is God? Hmm….who is God……

I thought to myself….who do I think God is?  The  God I know is close.  He isn’t a far-away presence that is angry or consistently adding and deleting my name from the Book of Life.

In the Bible, He has many names, these are only a few.  He is Elohim, the Mighty Creator.  Look out the window!  Whether above the clouds or far beneath the ocean, He is the one who created the heavens and the earth.  He is the one that separated darkness from light and the water from dry land.

He is El Roi, the God who sees me.  In the Old Testament Hagar, a slave, finds God in the desert and calls Him, “El Roi” .  He sees me when I wake and He sees me when I lie down.  He is always with us and He wants to have a relationship with us.

He is Yahweh Rophe, the Lord who heals. He is the healer of our body AND soul.  No, I don’t know why some are stricken with illness and why He allows the innocent to die.  But I can live with the fact that ONE DAY I will know.. and that, in itself, gives me satisfaction and joy.

He is Yahweh Shalom, the Lord is peace.  This Hebrew word means “completeness, and perfection” . We all crave peace and we all have situations that beg for peace.  But we can rest in Him and rest on His promises and know that God can and will calm our anxious hearts.

He wants to live inside us….He wants our bodies to be His address… He wants to touch our lives….

So we can touch others……


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