on a lighter note….

Next Tuesday is going to be fun!!  Wait.  Next Tuesday I will spend most of my day in the air flying to see my parents and sister and nephew in Camden, Maine!  WOO HOO!!  I haven’t seen them since February when Jimmy and I traveled to Houston for my mothers blankety-blank  birthday. (you are welcome, mother)  We are going to have some FUN!

I especially love (torturing)  spending time with my sister.  I will say that our sister relationship got off to a rocky start.  She is four years OLDER than me and really had a hard time knowing that her baby sister was so incredibly adorable.  She was probably upset that I was such a darling and that my parents overlooked her birthdays and other special events because they were home celebrating my every move.

OK!!  Maybe not.  MAYBE it was the fact that I always figured out a way to get her in trouble and come out smelling like a rose.  MAYBE I was responsible for adorable little sayings like, “Daddy? Is it okay to have beer in our closet?”  This was said in a softer voice with my head tilted (who wouldn’t love that?) and my legs swinging, as we sat at the table during dinner.  How was I to know that he would assume that Cheri was the one hiding beer in her closet?  It was such an innocent question.  I just had an enquiring mind.

MAYBE it was the fact that when I was six, my parents gave me a choice for what I wanted for my birthday.  A big plastic swimming pool or a Tiny Tears doll.  I didn’t really like playing with dolls so much and we WERE getting a little too big for our little blow-up pool…..but when I saw Cheri jumping up and down saying, “POOL! POOL! POOL!”  I realized that a doll sounded fun.  Yes, I think I want the doll.

MAYBE it was the fact that when we were in high school, my parents went on a vacation.  I have never found out where they went but it was obvious that they couldn’t acquire a ticket for me to join them because who wouldn’t want me around?  Hmm?  Anywho…my grandmother came to stay with us because they feared that Cheri might take my life if we were left alone.  We were fortunate enough to have a beautiful home with an indoor pool.  I don’t actually remember but I think it was another gift for me…..So my grandmother is in the living room doing grandmother things and Cheri walks in and asks if she can go outside to get her towel.  Ahh…..grandmothers are SO smart.  She KNEW that Cheri wanted to go outside and meet up with her boyfriend (wait…I might have mentioned that to her)…so she told her no.  Oh my goodness!  Was Cheri ever mad!!  This seemed like an awesome opportunity to trick  help out my sister and her dilemma.  “Come in my room!”, I said cheerily.  She turned to look at me with eyes that said, “get-away-from-me-you-little-virus” but I was insisting that she came with me so I could (trick)  help her.

What was she thinking?  She went! She actually came into my room!!  (maniacal laugh inserted here)  She stomped into my room and said, “WHAT?”  This is where charm is important.  I managed to tell her that she could crawl out my window and our grandmother would never be the wiser!   She agreed………heh, heh.

So, she stepped up on my desk and we carefully and quietly removed the screen and she jumped out into the night.  This is where our story differs.  Here is what I remember:  A sudden breeze came through the room, placing the screen back on the window and magically, as if by a special force, the windows shut, locked and the curtains closed!

Here is HER version:  Sandi waited until I got far enough away from the window and with ferret like skills, popped the screen on, and smiled while she locked the windows and closed the curtains.

See, readers?  Doesn’t that sound a little off?  Would I do that?  Aaahhh….the best part was when she had to ring the doorbell to get back inside and my grandmother answered the door!  HAHAHAHAH………………good times.

So you see that our relationship has had a rocky start….if only she could understand my innocence and my charm.  I’m quite a lovely person.  Maybe I will show her that when we get to Maine………………(insert muffled laugh here)……

Now…..with that said…..I miss my sister so very much.  She is in Houston and I’m in Phoenix and that’s just too far away.  When we lived closer, she was always there to help out with my boys.  She even let Bret vomit on her  brand new Berber carpet.  (Wait, was it Bret or Clay?)  Anyway…she allowed the barf and never got upset.  Although I do remember that we were all a tangle of legs trying to get to the kitchen to get towels.  Bottom line is that when I have problems I know that I can call my sis and barf up all my problems and she listens and takes my side.  Sometimes you just need someone in your corner.  Cheri is in my corner…..but now she brings a towel….. 😉

3 thoughts on “on a lighter note….

  1. Cheri

    What is left to say??? There are many more stories where those come from…..and Jimmy still wonders why you’re still breathing – to quote him “Well, if Kathy had been your sister….”

    Wondering why you didn’t tell the story of the time that YOU suggested that we take the kids (6,5,5,3 and 6 months) to McDonalds.

    Remember you ordered first and then turned and looked at me and said…..”Oh yeah, I don’t have any money” with that really innocent look that I’ve seen SO MANY TIMES!!! Well, since the boys were already in the “playland” area, all I could do was again…..pay.

    That’s okay, your crown in Heaven may be big, but mine is bigger because God has seen you in action and knows that devious mind sista!!!

    ♥♥♥ you!!!!!


  2. HAHA!!! I was wondering when you were going to respond!!!! Yes, there were McDonald stories, Burger King stories and many more “pay-for-me” stories!! And that “look”…….well, I might have it again this week when I see you in Maine!! HAHA!!! I love you too!!!!


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