check the tags….

I admit it.  I’m a Target girl.  I’ve never been a Wal-Mart girl…but I’m okay with that.  I think the website has kept me at bay.  I don’t EVER want to be on THAT website.

Back to Target.  If you have a Super-Target…or as my granddaughter says, “Supah-Tahget”, then you understand that you can acquire almost anything that you need.  Tires?  Got it.  Lettuce?  Found it.  Coat hangers?  You know it.  They have just about acquired every item imaginable.

So, today I decided that it was time to take a trip to my beloved store.  I didn’t need anything, but let’s just imagine for a minute that there was that ONE special item available that I just HAD TO HAVE!  I was sure that once I saw it, I would know.

I slowly made my way through the store touching every shirt, every sock, every single thing I could.  It was a habit that I blame on my mother (by the way, hello, mother).  I came to a rack that had really nice, long, knit dresses.  Oooh!  I like really nice, long, knit dresses!  What a coincidence!  This particular dress was a perfect color and showed great promise.  I made my way to the fitting room to try it on.

I slipped the lovely frock over my head and it fit like a dream!  It had a modest, halter style……ok, I guess you can’t really be modest in a halter style, but let’s just say things were covered.  I checked myself in the mirror and thought, “Wow!  I really like how comfortable this dress is!”  I knew it would be a purchase.

Fast forward.  Now I’m home and ready to cut off the tags of my new really nice, long, knit dress and that is when I saw it.  Oh…it was something that really, really, really upset me.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to take the dress back and throw it at the first cashier available.  Why was life so unfair?

The tag?  It’s a really nice designer…..Liz Lange Maternity. YES……as it turns out, I had been shopping in the maternity section of Target.  I didn’t know that they even HAD a maternity section.  NO WONDER IT WAS SO COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is just so unfair. sigh………..

2 thoughts on “check the tags….

  1. LMBO!! I’m a little behind with my cyber-stalking, what with reviewing my notes from the weekend and all ‘at… Sigh, maternity… it COULD be worse – you could actually be pregnant!!


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