poofy cloud pics….

Sorry, more pictures of the ranch.

I’m just too excited to keep them hidden on my hard drive. (ooooh, I sounded so computer-y)

I just love a big poofy cloud…

Yummy, now I want cotton candy…or a marshmallow…

Aren’t those wierd clouds?  Flat ones, straight ones, poofy ones…make up your mind!

I corralled  that one behind the fence…..

(yes, I had to use spell check on that one and it IS spelled corectly, Susan!)  🙂

3 thoughts on “poofy cloud pics….

  1. Ahh… I love me some spell check 🙂 and I hate those words with all the L’s… too many rules and having the addiction to grace that I have, I can’t do all those rules 🙂

    The pic with the yellow flowers in the foreground, that one’s my fave… if you emailed me that jpeg file I’d totally print it out and put it on my desk. Just sayin’…


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