oh deer…..

Oooooh, I’m having so much fun, now that I can download my pictures.

And I am so very blessed to have a hard working husband to provide

a gorgeous place for us to escape from the heat!

There are SO MANY deer at the ranch!  I think that I must have a Dr. Doolittle ‘essence’ because they like hanging around me.  Who wouldn’t? I’m just darling…

These are all in our backyard…verrry close

That one I named, Wingnut.  His ears are quite large and just remind me of a wingnut.  Go out to the toolbox and get one so you can see what I see…

If I were a nice girl I wouldn’t say, “Nice Rack!”.  So…I won’t say it.

I leave you with the sun setting over the valley…..aaahhh…….

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