woo hoo!!….

Ok! I’m home and I have pics! These are when Becky and the girls decided on a WHIM to drive up to Idaho to stay for the weekend…
Ok, that is the cabin….but it looked like that when they showed up…

Allright, just let me get these out of my system first….We did some yard work and I’m showing off right now…..ok, and when I say “we”…………..well……not so much me.

Our bedroom windows are under that balcony….where the screech owl sits at night and FREAKS ME OUT!.

Fine….it’s out of my system now.  So where were we?  OH!  The girls showed up and immediately had to get into their “car”….

They were so cute.  And hey, go ahead and scream, kiddos, because there are 500 acres that really don’t care!!!  (except for the wildlife, I’m almost sure..)

Their brave  ride consisted of mainly the driveway….the deer and elk really aren’t ready for them in the fields…

More tomorrow!

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