the conference…

Ok, so I am really excited about the writing/speaking conference that I am attending this weekend, with my DEAR FRIEND, SUSAN!! (woo hoo!).  This will take place in North Carolina…and I’m wondering this…….is North Carolina ready for me??  I’m doubtful.

So, I’ve already started laying out my clothes for the conference.  Since I’m really hot…….wait…..not THAT kind of hot…but HOT FLASH hot…..I’m thinking I should probably go with sundresses.  Again, let’s stop and clarify sundresses. Not the strappy/strapless/cut up to here, sundresses….but something a bit more modest and conference-y.

Ok, so we have Dilemma number one; which is the hot flash thingy.  Dilemma number two; is the red dress.  You know the one.  It’s REALLY cute and everytime I wear it someone says, “Oh, hey!  Cute dress!”  But then again I think that they are thinking in their mind, “hmm…wonder what month she is in?”…….soooooo….cute but possible maternity-ish, but then again I could have a big lunch with no regret.  See the dilemma?

Dilemma number three; is the nice jeans, tank and little short sleeve jacket.  So very stylish yet….the color combo might just make me look like an acorn.  Brown jacket with a light yellow tank…..see?  I knew that ya’ll would understand.

Soo…….the only other dilemma is the shoe.  Heels?  Flats?  Do conference people walk a lot? Or are they the people that sit and write on cute notebooks?  (ps…I bought Susan & I cute notebooks…don’t tell).

I already know that I will be precious on the plane….so I’m not worried about the flights… neither should you.  But if you have some helpful comments, well, they would be deeply appreciated.

The last thing we ALL want is someone that looks like a pregnant acorn.  I’m already a nut……..

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