joy in the waiting room…

Here I am, in my chair at the ranch, watching the birds fly amongst the clouds. They are so beautiful and at the same time, so fragile. Its a windy, rainy day and depending on the direction they are heading, they either struggle and fight the wind, or they go the other direction and glide with ease.

We all know someone….or ARE that someone, who seems to struggle to make it through each day. We battle with sickness, fight temptations or wrestle with unkind words that flow too easily. Where are you, God?

We want answers NOW!! We feel all alone, in our headwind, and tire easily. But we just have to remember that God IS there. In fact He is working behind the scenes all the time. We might not see Him coming, but He is there. And before you know it, a gentle breeze will pass by and the spirit of God will calm anxious hearts, and He’ll wipe away our tears and help us to glide through just one more day. His hope will replace our hopelessness.

There can be joy in our waiting room. That is when we rest and wait on Him.
Psalm 27:14 ” Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord”

Hope will replace hopelessness.

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