the chain link…

James 2:10 “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.”

This is another ‘snippet’ from the late, great, Adrian Rogers…

“So many people have the idea that God is going to grade on the curve. We say to ourselves, “We’re bad, but not as bad as so-and-so”. But God doesn’t grade on a curve. He grades on an absolute standard of holiness. Can anybody say that they’ve kept all of God’s Ten Commandments? Of course not. But let’s suppose you have only broken one. What would happen? Well, let me illustrate. If a man was dangling over a fire by a chain of ten links and nine of those links were made of forged steel and one was made of crepe paper, what would happen?”

Yikes. I also heard it put another way..suppose you were pulled over by a policeman for speeding and you try to explain that yes, you were speeding NOW, but then tried to explain how many times you DID’NT speed…….doesn’t work that way. God is so holy and sin cannot be in His presence. So now what?

Talk to Him. Tell Him you know that you have sinned and want to be clean. Ask for ‘godly wisdom’ so you can make better choices throughout the day. Let His love pick you up and keep going! Becoming more like Jesus is a learning process, so give yourself a break. Don’t feel the pressure to be perfect, but don’t seek out sin either. Sin is deadly. But the way God wants us to live is always the best way to live!

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