I am so thankful that my dear friend, Susan, remembered me on my birthday and sent me a copy of “The Andrew Murray Daily Reader”. It’s a beautiful devotional book that was written back when Jimmy was a teen…..just kidding…it was written a century ago…so I was pretty close.

Anywho..here is a little snippet (i was hoping to use that word today)..

“To worship is our highest privilege. We were created for fellowship with God: of that fellowship, worship is the most sublime expression. All the disciplines of the christian life –meditation and prayer, love and faith, surrender and obedience– culminate in worship. Recognizing what God is in His holiness, His glory and His love; realizing what I am as a sinful creature and as the Father’s redeemed child, in worship I gather up my whole being and present myself to my God. I offer Him the true adoration and the glory that is due Him. The truest, fullest, and nearest approach to God is worship.”

wow. He says that so eloquently. And all I can say is, Wow. Thanks again, Susan.

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