where’s baby……

I’m still pretty shaken about Baby.  She was last seen talking to one of her friends…

I noticed that she was back on the bottle and she had on a disguise.  (I’m pretty observant)

I started checking around the room looking for clues…I found this…

It seems she emptied the till, leaving only one coin behind.  She also left her phone…so we can’t trace her calls.  I’m imagining that she left the purse because it was tacky.

She did leave behind a credit card…..which means she is using cash only.  After thorough interrogation of her smaller-friend, now known as Baby-Face, I finally found out she was leaving on a…

.  I need to find her.  She needs to know that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.  She is safe here!  All I have are some surveillance photos from her room…

Yeah, that’s her behind the shower curtain.  Then I found out she tried to escape by climbing up a toy rack in the closet..

Even her two crazy friends won’t tell me where she is!!

They just sing a silly song and do the chicken dance, so they are no help.  Don’t worry……we’ll find her and we’ll help her get through this rough patch in her life.  I have books and tapes for her to listen to and it’s going to be a long road, but I’m ready to stand by her…..

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