the visit….

So yesterday I had to watch little miss Paloma while mom took Sofia to the doctor.  She was so cute and I truly believed that a little girl in a dress would play quietly…..I’m such a dope…But she was pretty darn cute..

She began her very busy day by bringing in baby……by her head….

gently laying out Baby’s blanket….(she was talking to me the whole time and I have no earthly idea what she was saying)…

then deciding to add a friend..

ok, at this point I wanted to scream at the friend, “RUN AWAY! This can’t end well!!” But smaller-friend-baby didn’t listen and soon was upside down and narrowly escaped being flushed in the toilet.  Sigh……Bigger baby managed to avoid the “swim” (I had my A game on) and was placed back into the play area….That’s when she decided to bring everything from the closet to the carpet.

You know….it could’ve been worse….but she got distracted and decided to go downstairs…..One little girl…so much energy……Now I should take one of these…. And I don’t mean to worry any of you…..but Baby’s missing.  I tried to get smaller-friend-baby to tell me where she could be, but she’s not talking……I’ll keep you posted on her wherabouts……I’m worried.

*******UPDATE*******I SPOTTED BABY, BUT BEFORE I COULD GET TO HER SHE WAS GONE……..this just makes my head hurt…

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