The fair…

Well……I went to the town post office in Afton, Wyoming,  to pick up THE (drumroll inserted here) 2010 Lincoln County Fair Rulebook, and found it to be quite lengthy….there are entries for almost everything…..especially for things I don’t do.
If I were entering sheep, for example, there is a rule that most of you probably don’t know….It seems that on page 11 of your manual, it states..”exhibitors will receive ONE warning if they are found lifting or slapping lambs.”. Hmm……this is good information.  I didn’t know that anyone EVER slapped a lamb.  I’m so city-fied….
Did you know that “market goats may have hair up to the hock and knee only”?? AND .. “no poultry with contagious or infectious disease can be entered”?? PHEW!!!!!!  That is such a relief!
I was a little sad to read that “Billy goat classes will not be available”…..
So much to read…… much to learn……wait…what am I going to wear on ‘judging’ day? Not to be confused with ‘JUDGEMENT’ day…..? Well….this picture is definitely NOT what I will wear….

I will let Daisy Duke keep her “look” and not violate it with my hips and thighs… me…..she/you will thank me.



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2 responses to “The fair…

  1. Great to hear that about the Billy Goats. I was worried about my butt.

    Up here at the county fair the only ride is on horseback. You are so lucky!


  2. And is it even a full size horse? It would be quite sad if there were only a small pony for everyone….


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