Cows, kids and cake…

We interrupt this weekend to say, Happy birthday!! What a great country we live in! We are free to worship, free to work and free live life abundantly! As I sit here on the ranch, it is hard to remember to praise the CREATOR and not the creation. It is just so beautiful with the flowers blooming and the deer creeping up on our doorstep! It’s summer, which means the cattle are in our backyard and their mooing is a sound that I love…even in the early morning.
We went to the Afton Rodeo tonight and had SUCH a good time! I had the “milk can plate” and. Jimmy had a boring hamburger. How can you have a hamburger when there is something called a ” milk can plate”?? I didn’t even know what it would be…but when in Rome….As it turned out, it was cabbage, sausage, ham, potatoes, carrots and corn on the cob! It was great! I was so country.
I was a bit disappointed that I forgot my camera. In fact, I was so mad. The rodeo events were so much fun…especially watching the ‘6 and under’ chase calves around the arena! The baby cows had ribbons tied around their tails and each color signified a different amount. These kids were running everywhere! Some of the kids could barely walk! It was fun and every kid got a dollar bill just for trying!
So Blow the candles on your cupcake, America…’s your birthday!!!

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