the journey….

So here we are around the seventh verse of Ruth and all of a sudden Naomi turns to da girls and says, “Hey.  Why don’t y’all go on back to your mama’s house….and God bless.”  (Ok, this is my version and we won’t know until the Rapture if they used southern slang or not…so just go with it.) Orpah and Ruth cried and said, “No, we would rather go with you.”  But Naomi was pretty persistent and said, “Lookit…..I’m old.  Even if I DID have more babies (eew) are you going to wait around and marry them?  Hmm? Now, go on!  Git!”

So this is where Orpah decides to go home.  (Hey, she has her own tv show now and seems to be doing pretty well).  Ruth is literally clinging to Naomi and says, “No.  Where you go, I go.  Where you die, I die.  Your God?  My God……and possibly ended her speech with “stick a needle in my eye ” but I can’t be sure…..  Naomi sees that she will NOT be swayed so she says, “K.”

So now they are in Bethlehem and it must have been really obvious that they were coming because everyone in the town is so excited! (verse 19)  I’m wondering if Ruth is still clinging…..  This is where the first chapter ends.  Naomi has returned home (hmm….like the prodigal son?) with her daughter-in-law, Ruth, and I’m sure they were just standing in the middle of the town with their hands on their hips, checking it all out and noticing that it is the beginning of the barley harvest.  (verse 22).

This is about to get good………..c’mon….its a WHOLE GRAIN…..

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