woo hoo!!!

Well, we’ve been in Omaha, Nebraska since last Wednesday watching our nephew play in the Club Baseball National Tournament!  How exciting is that?  They are animals…….okay, not literally but they WON THE NATIONAL TITLE!!  So how’s them apples?

They played (we sat) in the hot, hot sun………the heat index said it was 127 on the field.  My BODY index agreed heartily.  It was torture.  But let’s talk about the upswing.  We won.  We got a little tanner.  We won.  We reminded ourselves that it’s sorta nice that we are empty nesters and don’t have a 14 year old boy in the house.  Whew!  I forgot how much energy they have!  And since when did they start making them so huge?  Some of these kids are 6 feet already!!

So all in all…..Omaha was good times.  Oh……and we won 6-3.

One thought on “woo hoo!!!

  1. That is HUGE! Scott played travel ball for YEARS, and has just given up baseball after playing one year in college. I will miss it so much, but it’ll be SO much more relaxing… it’s too stressful when your baby is out there!!!

    Glad you had a fun week!!


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