Back to school

Ok..I have started a fabulous new summer bible study, so guess what? You get to learn too! And no, I have graciously decided not to charge you a dime. And you’re welcome.

The book of Ruth. What a gal! First she’s married, then a widow, then a servant, then a foreigner…Whew! She is presented as a godly woman who was left with a mother-in-law, who had recently changed her name to “bitter”…..(ok…mom sounds like a real pip).

So Dear Ruth faced quite a lot of challenges yet did so with such grace she’s got her own book in the Bible! Eeek! I just imagined in that second what the book of Sandi would be like!! I don’t think I would like to see my life in print, thank you very much.

So let me get started on my study and I will let you in on the scoop of Ruth.

And I’m writing from Omaha, Nebraska, where the college world series is being played (can’t you hear the thrill in my voice? Me either) Anywho.. I am typing from my iPad and it is taking forever. So please forgive any typos…

blessings to you,my friends!!

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