i’m getting married…

Ok….maybe that can’t be right.  I mean, what would my husband think about that??

YES!!  I’VE ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT THAT!  See…..here’s what happened.  I had a massage today and I am still drooling.  This woman had “man hands” and it was 120 minutes of pure bliss.  So….I think I should let JIMMY get a massage and he will surely agree and then we can marry her!!  WOO HOO!!!

If there are any questions in life….Patty is the answer.  You: “Would you like some coffee, ma’am?”  Me:  “No thanks, but I’ll have a little cup of Patty.”    You:  “Oooh, it looks like it’s raining!”  Me:  “That’s ok, I brought my Patty.”

See?  Yes, this was a most glorious massage and if she (and her husband) don’t agree to the marriage…..well, then maybe we could be her foster parents….or…… we could let the courts decide.  The bottom line here is that she is one heck of a masseuse.

Now I’m going to go bed and take a little nap and possibly weep……….yes, it was a good massage………zzzzzzz

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