book of Eli….

Did anyone out there in the World Wide Web see Book of Eli?  I watched it yesterday because I really like Denzel Washington.  The movie had an incredible message, about Eli’s faith and how he would go to any and all lengths to protect the Bible.  He meets up with a young girl, who does not know about the Bible, Christ’s teaching or even how to read!  When she asks Eli about what the world was like before the war, he amazingly tells her about the peoples ‘wastefulness’ and how people wouldn’t think twice about throwing things away that people today would kill for.  Wow!

She asks about Eli’s “inner strength” and he tells her that he lives by faith and  then he recited a passage of scripture that he has memorized to her (Psalm 23).  Even the “bad” guy that is trying to find the Bible calls it a “mighty weapon”!!  Double Wow!!

Don’t get me wrong, while the movie DID speak of obedience to God and respect for His Word… was a dark and violent movie.  There were were some brutal scenes of Denzel hacking off a mans hand and lots of violence which might be disturbing to some.  But this film did reinforce the importance of memorizing scripture and “hiding it in your heart.” (Psalm 119:9-11)

It was the kind of movie that would invoke some pretty interesting conversations!  If you can get past the violence and dialog ….. I would have to say that I did like it but I wish the language was toned down.

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