letters to God…

Don’t you just love the innocence of children?  Here are a few letters to God ….

Dear God: Do you throw the lightening down at us? It scares me a lot when it goes BOOM. Please stop it.
Dear God: My turtle died. We buried her in our yard. Is she there with your now? If so, she really likes lettuce.
Dear God: When I get big I want to play basketball. Maybe you could make my skin black so I can play better. Also, make me really tall, too.
Dear God: My Sunday School teacher says you always love me. Is that true? Even after what I did to Sara yesterday – or do you know about that? I really am sorry so I wish you would still love me.
Dear God: Did baby Jesus cry all the time? My new brother does, and I don’t like it. Mommy says all babies do, and I did when I was little. I’m six now. I don’t think baby Jesus ever cried. He’s your son, so you must know the answer. We have a bet on it, so please write back.
Dear God: Do you know when I’m bad or good? Or is that just Santa Claus?
Dear God: Please make me pretty. Because I think I’m not very smart.

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