chicago town…

Whew!!  What a weekend!  Jimmy took me to Chicago for my birthday and it was FANTASTIC!  He got us rooms at the Trump Int’l Hotel….wowsers….it was extra nice.

They gave us one of the butler suites…although we didn’t need a butler it was very nice to know that there was one at our disposal…and we were also quite impressed with the tv inside the bathroom mirror…

And Donald must have forgotten to take his robes….so we left them alone…

I laughed when I saw that we had a….

Stop it.  They actually gave us several styles of pillows to choose from and I figured that if I went with the “aromatic” pillow I would wake up with a nasty rash on my cheeks….(face, that is..)

Then I strolled over to the window to get a better view and saw that we didn’t have just ANY old water…but several types of water.  Why, we had a WATER LIBRARY!

Come on, Donald…..Twenty five dollars for a bottle of water?  Seriously? (No!  As much as I wanted to taste it…I didn’t)   Anywho…we had a EXCELLENT view from our 27th floor palace..

It was a wonderful hotel and I just love, love, love Chicago.  What a clean city and how much fun was it to walk everywhere!  We had dinner at the Chop House and Jimmy chowed down on a $109 steak.  And that was just for the steak.  I told him for that amount of money he should keep it in his system for at least 4 or 5 days…..

Once we came home it was BIRTHDAY TIME FOR SOFIA!!  We had a spaghetti extravaganza!

Sofia is officially 5 years old and she was SOOO happy that her Nani and Papi were back home……..ok, she like the presents too….

I told everyone that the only way that they could eat was to wear the birthday hats.  HAHA!  Everyone put one on!  I laughed at Bret because he wore his ‘gangster’ style….he’s so wierd…

So it was a great weekend….a great birthday for Bret, me and Sofia and now I’m ready to collapse in bed…..But first I have to get a little glimpse (again) of those sweeties..

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