a heavenly toast…

Taken from the book “Jesus Freaks” (stories of Revolucionaries who changed their world: fearing God, not man)

Anthony Parsons & Others.  England c.1540

“Having refused to turn from their beliefs, Anthony Parsons and those with him approached the stakes on which they were to be burned.  Arriving there, Parsons requested some drink.  With it, he turned and toasted his fellow sufferers: “Be merry my brethren, and lift up your hearst to God for after this sharp breakfast I trust we shall have a good dinner in the Kingdom of Christ, our Lord and Redeemer.”

At this toast, Eastwood, one of the fellow sufferers, lifted his eyes and hands to heaven and commended his spirit to the Lord.

Parsons walked to his stake and pulled some straw near to it before he allowed himself to be tied to it.  Holding the straw, he looked to the spectators and said, “This is God’s armor, and now I am a Christian soldier prepared for battle.  I look for no mercy but through the merits of Christ; He is my only Savior, in Him do I trust for salvation.”

Soon after this the fires were lit, and these men exchanged their mortal lives for ones immortal through Christ Jesus.”




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