a different time…

I’ve always like pictures of old barns.  They look like they have such history and that when you walk through them you will be transported in time. I’ve invariably  believed that I was born in the wrong era.   I think I would have liked living during a time when there were no cars, no phones…none of the modern conveniences that we have today.  I think I would have like living on a farm and in a community where you depended on your family or your neighbor for support.  It seems like a peaceful time.

Now, I realize that during that period there were different types of problems.   Drought, no local hospitals with all the modern medical advancements……but I’m imagining that there was a sense of pride at the end of each day.  Proud that you got all the seeds in the ground for your next crop.  A sense of accomplishment when you prepared the meal for your family.  I doubt seriously, the family ate at different times during the day.  I believe they sat down and ate what they could and didn’t waste anything.

What a contrast to our world today!  A time where we can pick up our phone and text in our meal, have it delivered and if we don’t finish it….well, we can just throw it away!  There will be more tomorrow!  We complain when there is nothing on TV to watch.  During my “little house on the praire” time, there wasn’t even TIME for TV.  Once you finished with the chores you ate and fell in a dead sleep!!

THAT is why I love coming up here to the ranch.  While we still have all the modern conveniences, there is so much nature all around us that you can’t HELP but notice God’s handiwork.  Living in this farming community helps me to remember that sometimes ‘simpler is better’.  I don’t keep my cell phone by my side.  I don’t panic if the internet or tv isn’t working.  There is plenty to look at and plenty to praise Him for.

Then again…maybe I wasn’t born in the wrong era.  Maybe  I’m right where I’m supposed to be.  I have to make a CHOICE to stop…..listen to His voice…..and look at all the wonderful things around me.  It takes a little more effort to put on blinders and focus on Him…but I am making a point each and every day to remember that His grace is enough for me and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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