pioneer woman…

I WAS ATTACKED BY WILDLIFE!!  Yesterday morning I was minding my own business when a yellow-jacket hid in the tufting of our outdoor chair just waiting for my big booty to sit on it!  OUCHIE!!!  He stung me and when I jumped up to see what it was….there were TWO of them!  And I think they were laughing.  I was so mad….I thought I was ONE with nature?  I could have died, I’m sure.  Of course Jimmy didn’t seem as concerned as I was…..all he kept saying is, “Let me see!”  Oh, he’s a sly one….

We drove into Afton, Wyoming …

Don’t you just love the elk on the top?  (Hmm…how did they manage to get up there?)  Anywho…..Afton has a great fabric store and I got some material to make…..ta dah!

A quilt!!!  It’s my very first one and I just kinda figured it out in my head.  I am quite proud of myself, I must say.  I’m almost a pioneer woman.  Next I will tackle a garden.  OR…..I will just go to the produce department of the grocery store….it might not have any yellow-jackets there…..

7 thoughts on “pioneer woman…

  1. Millie

    Sorry about your bottom. Butt the quilt is great! Man, if you can make stuff like that up one must wonder about the yellow jacket story. Tee Hee.


  2. OMG you need to hook up with my sister Monica!! She has started quilting and you two could trade tips!! Her quilts look just like yours too!!

    Remember my quilt at Christmas — the one with the kachinas??? She made our sis Janet one with Elvis — Millie would LOVE IT!


  3. Cheri

    I have this picture of you and Jimmy in a large motorhome sitting on the side of the road with all of your quilts hung out for sale…..and Jimmy laying on the couch inside watching a basketball game. 🙂 ha!!!


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