son shine…..

Is it me or does anyone get a little…moody….on cloudy days?  We have had a lot of cloudy and rainy days here at the ranch and now I’m ready for the sun.  I noticed that I even play slower music on these days.  I find myself dragging around the house instead of using that time to be thankful.  Don’t get me wrong!  I’m thankful!  I mean, I’m downright BLESSED!  But sometimes I need the sun…..actually I need the SON.

I was listening to a song (southern gospel) on XM radio that really saddened me.  The singer was talking about how we can talk about abortion, religion or angels…but how ASHAMED people are to talk (or even mention) the name of Jesus.  I wish I knew the name of the song so I could post the lyrics.  I think the singer was about 100 years old…but the message was loud and clear.  As we go farther and farther down the road of life, Jesus is pushed farther and farther away.

We have gotten so arrogant that we don’t seem to NEED the son!  And when we start taking down the Ten Commandments from our courthouses, and removing ‘In God we Trust’ from our coins or ‘one nation under God’ from our schools…well, eventually God will remove his hand from our country.  I don’t want to be around when that happens.  I like to live under the shelter of his hands.  He watches over me and guides me everyday…..even when it’s cloudy.  Even when I am having a sad and lonely day.  Especially when I am having a sad and lonely day.

The Son needs to come out today…and  I think it needs to come out of ME……



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2 responses to “son shine…..

  1. Wow this is crazy – I’m studying Obadiah right now and his warning to the arrogant & those who turn their backs on His people – they will be brought low, their allies will turn on them, their hidden treasures will be ransacked… But God will deliver His chosen ones & they will be victorious!!

    How great is THAT?? An OLD OT prophecy that still applies today!! I love His Word… :


  2. When you said on FB that you were going to read that book…I also went in to read it. I hadn’t read it in a loooong time. And I LOVE His word too!!!


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