mothers day past..

This is a mothers day letter I got from Bret when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade.  And yes, I keep EVERYTHING… I will type it exactly the way it was written for me…


I love my mom oh so tight i sqised out all her air.  She smells like roses and cleans my toses so I am very clean.  She raised me oh very well or I wouldent very smart.  She is all ways nice to me and others as well, she is a good sport.  She can all ways take a joke.  When I am sad she will all ways make me glad then I know my troubles are over.  I’m glad shes here or anywhere as long as it makes her happy.  I dont care if shes here or there but I know shel all ways be my mother.

Love, Bret Timmons

Ok……first of all my favorite part is that he signed his last name.  (smile)  I pull this out every mothers day and it’s always like the first time.  I cry.  And when he sees me do that he rolls his eyes and says, “Oh…mooomm!”

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